Santa Claus Club

Members are expected to:

  • Help around the house
  • Know the names of Santa's reindeer
  • Look both ways when crossing a street
  • Do your homework
  • Keep your room tidy and neat
  • Respect others and yourself


What are the names of Santa's Reindeer?

Dasher, Dancer
Prancer, Vixon
Comet, Cupid
Donner & Blitzen

AND if it's a stormy, foggy night - Rudolph leads the way!

Father Christmoos

Once upon a time, long, long ago, Santa needed a replacement in a hurry for his deliveries Christmas Eve. Dasher, who was sick with Chicken Pox, was temporarily replaced by Father Christmoos, shown below. That one year was the only time a reindeer was sick
and couldn’t make the holiday rounds to boys and girls.

Father Christmoos

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