Santa Visits Connecticut

Santa Claus Club

Members are expected to:

  • Help around the house
  • Know the names of Santa's reindeer
  • Look both ways when crossing a street
  • Do your homework
  • Keep your room tidy and neat
  • Respect others and yourself

Did you ever hear about Father Christmoos?


HOME: as in home, school, office, factory, store, nursing home, or business.

Santa Claus Relaxing

Cov 1

Have Santa Claus Visit Your Home, Party or Business

magine the happiness and joy a Santa Claus visit will bring to your home* for both young and young-at-heart. You can arrange now to have a Santa home visit to suit your needs.

The jolly old elf himself will visit your home in person and distribute your presents while you video or photograph the occasion. Flexible and mutually agreed upon terms and times.

A REAL SANTA, NOT an imitation! Not someone dressed up JUST to look like Santa! (I hope you see the irony here! Although, others freely admit that Santa does look a lot like me!)

Our Santa features natural beard and moustache, authentic red Velour suit, black boots, white gloves, jingle bells and large velvet bag for presents. Roly -poly and Jolly. Besides, uncles, fathers, mothers and brothers and everyone else who USED to play Santa are all present at the gathering . . . so the children wonder, “who IS this guy?” It must be the really, truly, good old jolly Saint Nicholas!


Christmas Eve Visits
Usually last about 15 minutes. (Santa's a busy person on Christmas Eve!). Visits are scheduled on the hour and half-hour until 10 P.M.

Santa Claus

Other than Christmas Eve Visits
Dates and times are more flexible than on Christmas Eve. Visits often last longer than 15 minutes.

Check Santa's Calendar

Territory Covered

Year Round
Connecticut & Springfield, MA vicinity

Christmas Eve—Central Connecticut Towns Covered:

  • East Hartford
  • Glastonbury
  • Manchester
  • South Windsor
  • Vernon

An expected fee, in the spirit of Christmas, reflects your location, length of visit, your expectations of Santa, and whether we visit your home, an office, factory, school or convalescent home, etc. Our pricing is fair and reasonable.

Office, factory and institutional visits are arranged to suit your needs. These visits are longer and can include your Christmas party and/or individual visitations with residents. Please call 860.646.8040.

Remember, to prepare for Santa's arrival
No fires in the fireplace
And put out a little snack
Contact Information

Phone or email Santa Visits (No obligation)

Ken Gresk
E-mail address:
Web address:
Phone: 860.646.8040

References from families, institutions, and organizations are available upon request.

Happy Christmas to all—and to all a good night.

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